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Can Signage Boards Add Value For My Business?

If signage is used to good effect, it can have a huge impact for your business. The most common benefits to introducing quality company signage include:

Directional signage

  • Increase footfall to your business – By using unmissable directional signs, attract more people to your location and boost sales from spontaneous visitors.
  • Direct visitors to and around your premises – Make sure your clients, customers and partners can find your premises and navigate around it easily.

Promotional signage

  • Spread the message whilst on the move – Put mobile marketing into action with signage on your cars and vans, to help you spread the word whilst you drive around.
  • Stand out from the competition – A high quality sign grabs attention and can put you head and shoulders above neighbouring competitors.
  • Promote a special offer – Drive awareness for an attractive discount, sale or promotion. Increase uptake on your special offers from customers new and existing.

Branded signage

  • Build brand awareness – Get your logo, name and key messages on an outdoor sign board in front of passers-by to increase awareness for your brand and services.
  • Boost team morale - Improve the look and feel of your headquarters with signage that inspires your workforce.

Informational signage

  • Draw attention to a grand opening – Opening your doors for the first time or perhaps you have a big reopening on the horizon? Make sure everyone in the vicinity knows about it ahead of time with bold outdoor signage.
  • Improve health and safety – Enforce key health and safety legislation with business sign boards around your workplace.

External Signage Solutions

We offer a great selection of weatherproof outdoor sign boards for businesses and schools across the UK. All of the external signs we produce are printed using the latest technology. This ensures that our outside signage is finished to the highest standard and is resistant to the outdoor elements.

Even the ink that we use for our outside signage has been specifically chosen due to its anti UV fade properties, which can be applied on a whole range of different printing materials. Our most popular types of external signs include:

Foamex signs and boards – Fully waterproof external signs, which are available in 4 different thicknesses. Each exterior sign is laminated for a highly durable outdoor signage solution.

Dibond aluminium signs – A very popular and stylish choice for outside signage. These signs offer the longest lifespan and are fully waterproof and durable with a protective matt or gloss finish. These are great for an external company signage board or business sign boards. 

Correx signs and boards – Really lightweight and portable but also very tough. Correx outdoor sign boards are the perfect choice for short- or medium-term outdoor notices.

Estate agent signs – Our “for sale” and “sold” signs are are a great short term solution. They are made from ultra-portable Correx. This material can even be custom cut to any shape for a more uniquely shaped sign to help you stand out.

Pavement signs – A large range of durable, all-weather signs perfect for shop frontages. These range from traditional A-Boards to printed banner café barriers. Pavement signs are perfect for movable shop sign boards that can be easily updated to reflect changng promotions. 

Bollard covers – Printed on rectangular or square correx with an easy fit Velcro fastening. Our durable bollard covers are matt laminated. They’re perfect for advertising your latest deals, whilst covering up unsightly posts.

Magnetic vehicle signage – High strength and fully waterproof magnetic signs for cars and vans are a great mobile alternative to outdoor signage boards. These are simple to remove and reapply, which makes them ideal for temporary mobile promotion of your business.

Internal Sign Boards

Interior signs can enhance your brand messages to staff and customers alike. Sign boards can also be used to enhance your visitor’s experience whilst on-site and highlight key health and safety notices.

At Adverset Display we pride ourselves on creating signs that have a wow factor. Using only the most premium quality materials, your interior signage is made to last and will impress visitors to your site for many years to come. Our most popular indoor business signs include:

Acrylic signs – Our acrylic signs can be made to measure to any bespoke size. They’re easy to fix to walls around your premises and can be customised with full colour vibrant print. They are also supplied with smart stand offs to provide that premium look and feel. These are a great internal option for a sleek company sign board. 

Logo signs Add a touch of class to your workplace with a stunning logo sign. These can showcase your brand logo in clear as glass acrylic panels, which can be shaped and cut to any size. 

Foamex signs and  boards – Printed in full colour and hugely cost effective, foamex signs are great for hanging from ceilings and above doors.

Acrylic awards trophies – Our acrylic awards can be customised with bespoke branding and wording. They’re great for recognising employee achievements and displaying in communal areas of your site.

Why Order Signs From Adverset Display?

How To Provide Imagery For Sign Printing

Our talented team are on hand to support with any design requirements for your signage. However, if you would prefer to supply your own existing artwork, please follow our best practice guide below for submitting this:

1) If you’re ordering online, please select the “I have print-ready artwork” option before placing your chosen signage product into your basket.

2) Follow the specific guidance in the “Downloads” tab, which you will find on each product page.

3) To ensure the utmost quality of your printed sign, supply artwork at 300dpi, at 25% of the finished size.

4) Ensure all RGB images are converted to CMYK.

5) Send the artwork to us as a high-resolution PDF, TIFF or JPEG.

Promotional Signage Content Tips

Use headlines and slogans on your signs

The bigger and clearer the font is on your sign, the more likely it will be noticed by passers-by. If you’re including slogans and other text on your signage, keep this as concise and to the point as possible.

Custom print bright and emotive imagery onto your signage

Bright colours and thought-provoking photography can also help to get your sign noticed by your target audience. Consider the colours that people associate with different messaging – e.g red for retail sale notices.

Make the sign’s call to action clear

What is it that you want your audience to do when they see your sign? Lead with a concise and obvious call to action that does not require passers-by and visitors to think too much about the messaging.

Consider the setting of signage boards

Sign boards that are being placed next to vegetation should never be printed green. Likewise, you should never place red safety signs next to a red wall. These are just two examples, which justify how important the setting of your signage is. Ideally there should be a high level of contrast between the sign and it’s background to ensure that it gets noticed.