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Custom Magnetic Vehicle Signs

At Adverset Display, we can produce removable magnetic signage for vans and cars. A major benefit of this type of signage is that is allows the same vehicle to be used for many different tasks. You can swap easily between a branded car for business use and an unbranded one for domestic and personal use. It's also possible to use the same vehicle for multiple businesses, as you can change out the signs as needed.

Our magnetic vehicle signs are fully weatherproof and have a high-strength magnetic backing. They are a durable and reusable alternative to permanent decals. They can be applied and removed without damaging the underlying paintwork of the vehicle. We also guarantee our product to withstand motorway speeds; which some thinner vinyls would not achieve.

You can order magnetic signage for one vehicle, or order signage for an entire fleet of cars or vans.

Artwork for magnetic vehicle signage

If you already have artwork that you would like to use, just send it to us. However, if you would like to design your own van signage, our experienced in-house team can help you and really make you stand out from the crowd.

Printing for your magnetic van sign

We only use the highest quality materials to print our magnetic vehicle signs. You can expect high-resolution Latex printing in full colour- designed to last and cope with all types of weather.

How to apply your magnetic vehicle signage

Ensure the area you are going to apply the signage to is clean and free from debris and grease. Then simply line up the magnetic backing and apply the sign directly to the vehicle. Quick and easy!

Once attached, the mangetic singage will remain in place up to speeds of 72mph, so you can drive on the motorway in confidence. 

magnetic vehicle signage options

Custom magnetic van signs

Our made-to-measure magnetic van signs can be any size up to 1150 x 2300mm. Magnetic signage is a convenient and eye-catching way to advertise your business. We can create magnetic van signs with logo designs, contact information, USPs and more.

If you want signage covering your entire van, check out our Van Graphics page to see all the options available.

Custom magnetic car signs

Your signage will be created custom for you and can be placed anywhere on your car. The areas best suited to magnetic signage are the bonnet and car doors. Magnetic car door signs are a great way to advertise your business, as these will be seen easily by pedestrians as well as other motorists. Park your vehicle in a high traffic area and get seen by potentially hundreds of new potential clients!

The largest of our magnetic car sign sizes is 1150 x 2300mm. If you want signage covering your entire car, check out our Car Graphics page to see the options available.

Why get your magnetic vehicle sign from Adverset Display?

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