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Why order a personalised selfie frame?

Many of our customers order a selfie frame in order to generate PR opportunities at their promotional event. Others meanwhile simply want to create lots of fun for their guests at special occasions such as weddings, birthdays and other parties.

Branded selfie frames for promotional events

Giving your audience the use of a fully branded selfie frame is a great promotional opportunity! They give you the chance to amplify your brand beyond the four walls of the event itself, through the power of social media.

Selfie frames are proven to be a highly effective prompt for people to take photographs together. Because the photos are so unique, many attendees will then choose to share these on their social media accounts. This results in a boost in visibility and awareness for your brand.

Customised selfie frames for personal occasions

Planning a party with a specific theme? Custom selfie boards are a great way to create another level of engagement with guests. They can be custom printed with any text or imagery to fit in with the venue’s décor.

These boards often get passed from group to group and are effective at creating a buzz and lots of fun for guests. They do this by prompting people to pose together and snap a photo that will always be treasured, depending on how steady handed they are of course!

What events are suitable for a custom selfie frame?

selfie frames

At Adverset Display we have created personalised selfie frames for all manner of events. Here are just some of the occasions that can be enhanced with a selfie frame:

  • Wedding receptions
  • Charity dinners
  • Business launch events
  • Christmas parties
  • Kids birthday parties
  • Themed nightclub events
  • Graduations and proms
  • Festivals
  • Sports tournaments
  • Grand openings

Choose your ideal selfie board

We currently offer two different types of selfie frame, which include:

Photo Booth Frame 

Our photo booth frame is available to order in A1 or A2 size. The inside reveal of the frame can be cut to either a portrait or landscape size to suit your design. When it comes to materials, you can also choose from a tougher 5mm foamex or economy cardboard option, depending on how strong your frame needs to be.

Custom Selfie Board Cut To Any Shape

Our cut to shape custom selfie boards offer a higher level of personalisation. Both the outer frame and inner reveal can be cut to any shape (within 1000mm x 750mm). They are constructed from 5mm foamex for a longer lasting solution.

Why Order From Adverset Display?

why order from adverset display

Selfie Frame FAQs?

How are the selfie frames designed?

Our design team will take the artwork you provide us with and mock up a design for your approval. No artwork to upload or need something more bespoke? Our designers will be happy to create the perfect selfie frame layout for you for an additional charge of £35. Please see our artwork guidelines for more information.

When will I receive my selfie frame?

Our team always endeavours to offer the fastest turnaround available for our selfie frames. They are usually fulfilled within 7 days from the point of purchase. If you require a bespoke design, please note that this can cause delays, as we will require approval of the design from you before proceeding to print.

How long will my selfie frame last?

The durability of your selfie frame will depend on the kind of material you requested. We produce the frames in either an economy cardboard or a 5mm foamex. Because the frames are handled frequently, we cannot guarantee that cardboard frames will remain in top condition for a large run of events. The foamex frames however are much more robust and designed for use at multiple events.

You can also request a lamination option to extend the potential lifespan of your frame further. Please note that this option comes at an additional cost