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Exhibition stand accessories to really make your display stand out

Our exhibition display stand accessories are designed to integrate into your stand, adding additional value and ensuring that your messaging will be remembered. Adding media displays to your stand give visitors an additional way to engage with your brand. Play video and audio, use digital surveys, offer interactive experiences… the possibilities are endless.

Display traditional literature for visitors to take away with them. Our literature holder holds a substantial amount of material to keep you stocked all day. 

Exhibition stand replacement graphics

Replace all the graphics on your exhibition stand, or just replace one. We can print replacement graphics for stands originally supplied by us, and we will do our best to supply replacement graphics for other pop-up stand systems as well. As standard, our graphic panels are printed using anti-scratch latex technologies, ensuring durability. All our replacement graphic panels also come fully equipped with hangers and magnets - all you’ll need to do is hang them up.

Benefits of replacement pop up exhibition stand graphics

  • Budget friendly: Only replace the panels that need refreshing

  • Durable: All panels are printed using anti-scratch latex technology

  • Convenient: All panels come fitted with magnets and hangers - ready to display right away

  • Local: Our panels are printed in the UK

Replace all your panels…

Our replacement graphics for pop up stands are a great budget-friendly option. They allow you to refresh your messaging without replacing all your expensive hardware.

… Or just one!

Replacement pop-up stand graphics are also convenient to replace a damaged section of a stand. We can print the replacement piece so it lines up with the existing imagery, giving you a seamless, professional look. 

How to order replacement graphics for pop up stands

  1. Decide how many panels you need replacing. 

  2. Choose your artwork: If the original graphic was printed using your own artwork, you will need to upload it again. If we designed the original artwork, just tell us the details of the order and we will be able to proceed. 

  3. Get in touch or place your order through our website. 

  4. We will print your panels and get them sent out to you. 

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