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Hospice and Care Home Signage

 Clear and effective print signage is a must-have in any health and care setting. As well as guiding vulnerable and often worried people through the halls of hospitals, hospices and care homes, they also help create a professional and organised appearance that instils trust.

When done well, clear signage makes life easier for everyone, improving the experience for patients, staff and visitors alike. These hospice and care home signs are a key part of making facilities work smoothly and feel comfortable.

In this guide, we'll break down the different types of print signs that are essential for health and care organisations and how they can best display the necessary information.

Types of signage for health and care providers

1. Wayfinding signage

Navigating large health and care facilities can be challenging. Whether it's finding a specific department or locating the nearest toilet, wayfinding signs use clear symbols and directions to help everyone find where they need to go.

Well-designed directional signage can help reduce stress for patients and visitors, smooth the way for staff, and improve the overall impression of hospices and care homes. Using the same fonts, colours and design on all signs also makes it easier for everyone to understand and follow.

Acrylic direction signage is ideal for wayfinding. It can be installed inside or outside and can be custom printed to match individual branding.

2. Informational signs

Printed signage with room numbers, department names and facility details are essential for busy health and care buildings.

Acrylic signs are great for displaying these key messages on walls. They can be custom printed with a mixture of photos, icons and words to create signage that is clear and accessible for everyone.

For external informational signage, Dibond aluminium composite signs provide a long-term solution that’s weatherproof and resistant to fading – perfect for displaying above entrance doors.

3. Health and safety signs

Safety is a top priority in hospices and care homes. Clear signage is essential for ensuring patients, visitors and staff can confidently navigate the environment and respond effectively to emergencies.

If you regularly need to provide security or policy updates, a bespoke notice board could be a great solution. The custom-designed acrylic pockets make it easy to switch out paper flyers and pamphlets, so you can keep staff, patients and visitors up to date with the latest news and safety notices.

4. Visual identity signage

Print signage isn’t just functional, it's an important part of creating a recognisable brand.

Consistent design elements help build trust and confidence, and for hospices and care homes that rely on public funding, a recognisable visual identity can also help increase funding opportunities.

For instance, organisations could use vinyl stickers for work vans or invest in advertising posters for bus stops. Fabric banners are an excellent option for displaying information signage indoors, with the added bonus of being quick and easy to move or dismantle when needed.

For buildings with lots of windows, frosted window decals can be another great way to show off your organisation’s branding while also offering some privacy and still allowing natural light into the room.

5. Decorative signage

Many hospices and care homes use wall art to motivate and inspire patients, staff and visitors.

Stylish wallcoverings can be custom printed with vibrant photography to enhance the appearance of corridors, receptions and other public areas. Acrylic wall panels are also a beautiful choice for smaller spaces.

One of our favourite examples is the eye-catching signage we designed for St Catherine’s hospice. The photos of North Yorkshire bring a relaxed and tranquil feeling to the space that’s appreciated by visitors and patients alike.

6. Floor signage

Finally, don’t forget the floor!

Custom-printed vinyl stickers can be used on hard-surface floors to provide clear directions. Colourful arrows, for example, could help direct people to on-site cafés or toilets.

Giant logo mats are also an excellent way of both welcoming people to your building and protecting your floors from mud and rainwater.

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In any health and care setting, clear signage helps guide people, convey policies and ensure a safe environment for patients, visitors and staff.

At Adverset Display, we design and print a wide variety of signs for all sorts of organisations. Get in touch today to speak to our friendly team of signage specialists and see how we can help create professional signs for your care home, hospice and more.