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Custom Life Size Cutouts Printed in the UK

Many industries and businesses can make use of custom life size cutouts. These eye-catching decorations are fun, interactive, and sure to catch the attention of passers-by.

  • Theatre shows and cinemas
  • Commercial events
  • Retail settings
  • Fairs, festivals, and community events
  • … and more!

We can print anything on your custom life size cutout - and can cut it into any shape. We offer two different types of cutout standee, suitable for both long- and short-term promotions.

Life size character cutouts are a hit with theatres and cinemas

Character cutouts are a great was to advertise an upcoming show. They also provide a fun photo op that will be appreciated by visitors of all ages. We can add a face hole to make your cutout even more interactive. These fun life size character cutouts would also make a great addition to a children’s birthday party or a community event.

types of cutout standees from Adverset Display

Custom life size cutouts FAQs

What are our custom life size cutouts made from?

Our cutout standees are made from high quality 5mm Foamex board. This material allows for a high quality, vibrant print. The cutouts will not bend and are resistant to scratching. They are sure to last the length of your promotion in great shape.

For a budget friendly option, we also offer economy cut out standees. These are printed on 3mm Foamex and are suitable for short term use.

Your order will arrive flat packed and will be easy to assemble. When you no longer need to display it, the cutout standee can be returned to its flat state for easy storage.

How big are the custom cutouts?

Our life size cutouts are up to 1800mm tall. You can then choose between a single character (900mm wide) or a double character (1200mm wide).

How much does a life size cutout cost?

This will depend on whether you choose the 3mm or 5mm options, how big you would like the cutout to be, and whether or not you need artwork creating as well.

How to make your life size cutout stand up

Our cutout standees have a strut attached to the back. This folds open to support them and can be folded back up for easy storage when the standee is not in use.

Designing your life size cutout

First, consider where your cutout will be used and how long the promotion or event will last. For long-term use we recommend our cutout standees printed on 5mm Foamex, while for shorter promotion, consider the economy cutout printed on 3mm Foamex.

Next, place your order. If you already have an image or design you would like to use, then send it to us when you place the order. We can print life size photo cutouts, or character artwork. If you need artwork creating, just let us know and our in-house design team can assist you. If you have any questions about the design process or have a unique request, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Why order your custom life size cutouts from Adverset Display?

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