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Event banners, signage and flags

Get people to take notice at your next event with custom-made and printed event banners, signs and flags – designed to your requirements. 

Make sure your event stands out with custom-made event banners, signage and flags. At Adverset Display, we can help you design event banners for all occasions - whether you need semi-permanent, fixed signs for a large event or pop-up banners for a pop-up event.

We can custom print event banners and signs in a variety of sizes and in the right material for the sign’s location. Event signage is available in:

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Types of event signs

We can design and print signs for every type of event. Keep things personal with event pop-up banners that can be placed where the highest footfall is. If your event takes place across a variety of locations, try our portable event signage. Simply pack it up, stick it in the car and take it to your next event.

Want to make a statement and let everyone know about your event? Try out giant event banners. We can custom print your banner to the size you need. Contact us to discuss your sizing needs.

Our event banners and signs include:

Custom event banners

Large custom event bannerGet the design and message you need in the style you want. We can make event signage in a variety of sizes and materials with stands or attachments to suit your event. This could be a large mesh banner to advertise a five-a-side football contest or blizzard outdoor banner to welcome guests to a local festival.

Pull-up / Roll-up signage

Event roll up banners

These easy-to-use banners can be simply pulled out of their carrying case and easily displayed at any event. Not only that, but they come in a variety of formats ideal for every type of event – whether it’s a gig at the town hall or a networking event in an office complex.

Outdoor freestanding display banners

Outdoor event signs

Designed specifically to be weatherproof, our outdoor display banners are ideal for fetes, sporting events or festivals. If you’re outdoor and don’t have anywhere to connect your sign to, then a freestanding outdoor sign is key. They’re also windproof, with some of our outdoor banners able to withstand winds of up to 24mph.

Poster A boards

These simple A boards can be used to make you stand out at a busy event or provide directional signage when needed. Place them on a pavement outside your event or to direct people when inside a large arena, stadium or field.

Printed bollard covers

For big conferences or exhibitions, these printed covers can be used on car park bollards to provide advertising of what’s inside.  

Custom printed flags

Event flags

Stand above the crowd with tall, custom printed flags – ideal for busy events where you need your message to rise above the heads of the attendees. The tallest rises to a massive 5.1metres high.

Pavement signs

Event pavement signs

Use custom printed pavement signs as a quick way to attract attention at an event or provide useful information for attendees.


How long do you need event signage for?

The duration of the event can impact the type of sign you need. And usually, this comes down to the materials used to create your event sign.

  • Short-term events: We’d recommend using Correx as these are the best value products. The strong corrugated plastic sheeting is affordable and lightweight.
  • Medium-term events: Printed Foamex signs are ideal for directional signage at outdoor events thanks to the UV inks that are super resistant to fading.
  • Long-term event: For long-term events where signs need to be a bit more durable, we recommend Dibond aluminium – hardwearing and ideal for exterior use.

Speak to us if you’re not sure and we can help you choose the best product for your needs.


Event sign usage

Our event signage is suitable for a variety of occasions. We can tailor print banners, flags and signage for any type of event. Here are some of the most popular use-cases for our event signs:

  • Outdoor event signage: Whether it’s windy or the weather’s warm, our outdoor signage is designed to stand up to (and in) all weather conditions.
  • Private event sign: If you’ve got a private event in your venue, we can help you create small signs to discreetly inform regular guests the area is out of bounds and currently closed for a private event.
  • Event directional signage: Make sure everyone knows their way around big events and conferences with directional signs and banners.
  • Sports and running event signage: Sports events often use signs for both participants and guests, directing them to sign-up tables, starting lines or simply the toilets.
  • Event welcome sign: Make a splash with a big welcome. Our banners make great welcome signs for any events.
  • Festival signs: Make sure your tent stands out with vivid and eye-catching signage. Flag rises above the gathered crowds while pop-up banners can be placed easily in areas of high foot traffic.


Event sign designs and printing

Getting the message across isn’t as easy as it seems. But if you’re looking for event banner design inspiration, our team of experts can help. Let us know your requirements with some design guidelines and we can help create the perfect event sign for you.

If you’ve already got a design you’d like to place on an event banner, sign or flag, simply choose your product and follow the instructions on how to get the best possible results. 

Once you’ve got your design approved and locked in, we can provide event banner printing in the size you need.