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Large Posters Make Your Promotions Unmissable

There’s nothing like a giant poster for capturing the attention of passers-by. We can help your most enticing promotions come to life with our expert large poster printing service.

There are many reasons why Adverset Display are the best choice for your large poster requirements. Firstly, we offer state-of-the-art printing, managed by highly skilled technicians. Plus, we have lots of experience designing all manner of extra-large posters to help you stand out from your competitors.

Our graphic design team have worked with a wide variety of businesses in the UK, creating exceptional long poster designs across a variety of industries. They'll help ensure your large poster prints deliver high-impact messages that your audience won't miss!

Different Types of Large Format Printing Services for any Event or Business

Large format printing for theatres

We are proud to serve theatre venues across the UK with our large poster production service. We create premium quality, life-size posters in the most popular dimensions - such as 6-sheet, 4-sheet, double royal and double crown.

We are trusted by most major theatres and promotors across the country and will deliver high-quality products on time, every time.

Extra-large poster printing for businesses and advertisements

Make the most of your outdoor and indoor advertising space. Extra-large posters for walls and other spaces are an eye-catching and memorable option that are sure to leave an impression on visitors and passers-by. 

Need somewhere to display your large format print? Check out our poster forecourt signs and poster ‘A’ boards. These sturdy, portable signs are a great way to display giant posters. They are very easy to update when your promotion ends or when you want to change your messaging.

Bus stop posters

Stand out for pedestrians and bus passengers with a large poster designed to fit into a bus shelter display. If you want to make your bus stop poster stand out even more, consider our backlit poster film, which can be illuminated from behind for a truly eye-catching display.

Billboard posters

We can print any size of poster - including giant, eye-catching billboards. These extra large posters will be visible from a distance and are a great way to make a strong impression on viewers.

types of large format posters

Size of Large Poster Prints

Custom size posters

With our custom size poster printing service, the sky is the limit. Simply tell us the bespoke dimensions you need to meet your brief and we'll give you a highly competitive price and superior finish on your large format print.

A-Size posters

Need a large poster in a specific A-size? We can print your designs in full colour onto the most popular sizes - such as A0, A1, A2 and A3. These are ideal if you require large posters to fit into a certain size snap frame.

Large Poster Material

At Adverset Display, we insist on using only the very best paper and inks in order to deliver large posters of the utmost quality. We always aim to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Extra large poster paper

We have four main paper types that we use for printing your large posters. The paper we recommend will depend on the size of your giant poster and the location it will be displayed. These include:

  • 170g Blue back silk poster paper –this specialist silk finish paper is ideal for billboarding, hanging or encasing.
  • 170g white back silk poster paper – this is a robust all-round option designed for indoor use.
  • 220g gloss or silk poster photobase paper – this offers the ultimate image quality with a thicker photographic paper.
  • 180mic waterproof polyprop ideal for use within A boards or for continued outdoor promotions and locations. High quality, durable and very cost effective.

Inks for large printing

All of the inks we use to produce your large posters are latex or solvent based. Because of the high quality ink we use, your large wall posters are guaranteed against fade for up to 5 years.

Lamination for large posters

In order to further enhance the durability of your large posters, we can offer an additional lamination treatment to your designs. This results in a classy gloss or matt finish, depending on your preference.

Large Poster Printing FAQs

How to order your large format poster online:

Choose what size you need and what kind of paper you would like. Not sure which would suit you best? Get in touch with our team or request a sample.

The next step is artwork. If you have artwork ready, just send it to us. Alternatively, if you don’t have a design yet, our talented graphic team can help create a suitable design for your large poster.

Finally, we'll carefully print your poster.

How large are your A-size posters?

A0 posters are the largest A-size poster we produce. They are 840mm wide by 1188mm high. A1 posters measure 594mm by 840mm and the dimensions of an A2 poster are 420mm x 594mm. The smallest a-size posters we offer are A3 posters, which come in at 297mm x 420mm.

How much does it cost to print a large poster?

The cost of our giant posters depends on a number of factors:

Firstly, the quantity and size of posters required will impact the price, as will any additional requirements for lamination

As standard, we offer cheap custom posters and A-size posters from as little as £1.35 per large poster.

Our theatre posters start at £3.44 per poster and custom size posters can be ordered from as little as £1 per poster.

How big should a poster be?

Your poster should be large enough to attract attention and convey all the information you want viewers to take away. We offer a wide range of standard poster sizes, as well as custom sized posters.

If you aren’t sure which type will be best for your space and message, just get in touch and our team will be able to provide some guidance.

What is the largest size poster you can print?

There is no limit to the poster size we can produce. However, the biggest individual sheet of paper we can print on is 1.5 metres by 10 metres . So any designs exceeding this measurement are printed in separate pieces and then joined together for display (this is common for large posters displayed on billboards etc).

Why Choose Adverset Display's Large Format Printing Service?

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