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Office revamp: Guide to redecorating your workspaces

Giving your office a full renovation is a huge project that attracts BIG costs! Instead, why not consider a revamp or restyle. You don’t need to tear down walls or re-wire the building to give your office spaces a new lease of life. Find out how

Giving your office a full renovation is a huge project that attracts BIG costs! Instead, why not consider a revamp or restyle. You don’t need to tear down walls or re-wire the building to give your office spaces a new lease of life.

A reinvigorated office with a fresh, new look can significantly boost employee morale and even productivity.

UPS Office Revamp

Nearly 1 in 3 workers (32%) say poor workplace internal design actually decreases productivity, according to a Savills survey.

Revamping your office is not just about changing the furniture or the colour of the walls - it's about creating a space that resonates with your brand's identity and values.

Whether it's to accommodate a growing team, refresh outdated interiors, or foster a more collaborative working environment, an office revamp can breathe new life into your workspace.

And it needn’t come at a heavy cost – either direct (paying for a major renovation) or indirect (downtime while the work is carried out). We can help guide you through an affordable and timely office revamp that will put smiles on your employees’ faces and make them proud to come to work.

Top tips for planning an office revamp

An office revamp comes with its own set of challenges, including potential disruptions and the necessity to communicate changes to your employees. We can help you to mitigate these issues significantly. Our quick installation process means rooms won't be closed for days or even weeks on end, allowing for a smoother transition and less inconvenience for your team.

1. Set your office renovation goals.

Before embarking on the redecoration project, it's vital you know what you – and your team - want from it. Are you looking to refresh the look and feel with brighter colours, or do you want to add more prominent branding and clearer signage? Hospice and community care company Saint Catherine’s wanted to highlight their branding alongside the fact that they cover the whole North & East Yorkshire region.

St Catherine's Reception Area Revamp 3

2. Plan your office renovation budget.

Budgeting is a critical aspect of any office revamp. Finding a solution that’s both cost-effective and impactful is key. Look at the size of the space you want to tackle, which areas you’re redecorating (walls, carpets, windows, desks, workspaces etc) and how much of it you want to change. These will help you to set a realistic budget. Using our products like brick and wall vinyl, window decals, logo mats (see image) and reusable stands are all great ways to add colour, company messaging and branding without going over budget.

Logo floor mat

3. Consider your office rules.

If you are only leasing the office, speak with the landlord as to what you can and can’t do. If you’re in a listed building, for example, you probably can’t drill into walls. Thankfully, most of our products don’t need much installing and they can be applied and removed easily. If you’re planning on adding impactful roll-up banners in receptions or using twist stands to create breakout areas, make sure you’re not blocking any fire escape routes.

4. Planning your timeline.

Time is of the essence in business, and prolonged renovation projects can hamper productivity. We ensure a swift transformation of your workspace with a streamlined process that includes designing, getting sign-off, ordering new imagery/prints, prepping the room, installation, and restoring the room with minimal downtime. We can even install huge wall coverings with minimal disruption. Speak with us today to get your project started.

why choose adverset display

Product focus: Wall Vinyl

Vinyl wallpaper is a type of wallcovering made from vinyl, a synthetic resin or plastic. This material is known for its water resistance, making vinyl wallpaper a great choice for office revamps.

It can be designed to incorporate your business branding that can be applied across a whole wall or part of a wall to help create the illusion of separate sections or areas in the room. Thanks to the material, the colours are often extremely vibrant.

We also have brick wall vinyl wraps, which are great for external branding on the sides of buildings or internal brick work.

When to use vinyl wallpaper?

Vinyl wallpaper can be applied to most walls, but it’s an especially great choice for the following places:

  • Office workspaces: Brighten up a corner of an office with this vibrant wall covering. It worked a treat for Edge45, who had limitations on what they could do due to their office being in a Grade 2 Listed building. This installation took only half a day.

Edge45 office walls

  • High-traffic areas: Due to its durability, vinyl wallpaper is perfect for high-traffic areas in homes and offices, such as hallways.
  • Commercial spaces: Vinyl wallpaper is a great choice in commercial settings. Its impressive lifespan makes it very cost-effective.
  • Brickwork: We have specialist wall vinyl for brickwork so you can apply bright, custom-made imagery top uneven brickwork. It’s applied with heat, and it shrinks into any discrepancies in the wall, giving the effect of having a 'printed on' brick wall.

Wall & Brick Vinyl can be difficult for those without the experience to install. We can provide a trained installer for your next wall vinyl project. Contact us to discuss installation.


Office revamps – a room by room guide 

Receptions St Catherine's Reception Area Revamp 2

Receptions have two main functions – as a welcoming place for customers and somewhere you can instantly get across your brand messaging.

At Saint Catherine’s, we not only helped them define the area with a clear ‘Welcome’ sign, we also provided some local imagery using acrylic wall art. This helped them to showcase their love of the area as well as where they cover.

If you’re working with a small reception area, consider window graphics or using the front of the front desk as a space to get your message across.

A custom logo mat is a quick, affordable and simple way to get your brand in front of them as soon as they step foot inside.

If it’s a larger space that can feel too cold and unwelcoming, create smaller areas with wraparound banners or pop-up stands.

If it’s a shared reception, ask if you can add a smaller A-stand or pop-up banner to help reassure people that you are in the building. You could even suggest adding a shared business sign with each of the companies’ logos on in the reception or on the wall outside.

And don’t forget the outside spaces. With Contravision window decals, you can add imagery, messaging or simply your logo to all outward facing windows while allowing light to pass through to the inside. The best bit – those inside can still see outside, so you’ll know who’s coming to the door.

Best products for a reception redecoration

  • Printed floor mats: A simple but effective and affordable way to add instant branding to your reception.
  • Vinyl wall coverings: Affordable, impactful and quick to instal – wall vinyls are a great way to make changes quickly.
  • Acrylic panels: Add eye catching imagery or printed logo panels for further brand reinforcement


Break out rooms Delmont's cafe

When creating a break-out space in an office, you want to create a multifunctional area with a relaxed atmosphere.

If you don’t have a spare room for a break-out space, consider using coloured walls to mark out a separate area.

You can even add pop up stands or room dividers to make the space more private.

You can add inspirational quotes on the wall to get the creative juices flowing or transform a wall or worktop into a blackboard surface where they could record their ideas.

For the Delmont’s café, we added local imagery around their fireplace.

Best products for creating a break-out room

  • Cut vinyl wall decals: Create vibrant brand messages or motivational quotes
  • Acrylic panels: Add imagery of your team, location or product with high quality photographs
  • Posters: Keep things fresh with changeable posters advertising new products and company events.
  • Foamex panels: A great medium term display option that can help define a break-out area and can be affordable updated every year.


Meeting rooms

Meeting room redecoration can be tough – on one hand you want people to focus on the meeting at hand, not the wall decorations. On the other, you want it to be a place people want to be, to feel inspired and invigorated.

Meeting rooms are great places to get across company branding and messaging. Use the walls to add key phrases representing the company, or imagery and prints showcasing your work, history and local area. Use this underutilised space to tell your story. A timeline of the company history is always a popular choice - and our team could help you put the design together.

Meeting room

With Scarborough Cricket Club, we drew on their history while providing an image that’s full of life with a custom design wallpaper. Using photographs provided from their archives, we designed and produced a range of custom wallpapers for Scarborough Cricket Club to provide a sporting ambience and celebrate the past and present of this long-standing club.

Best products for meeting room redecoration

  • Acrylic panels: Why not get your company Logo as a vibrant acrylic panel
  • Cut wall decals: These decals can be cut to any shape and provide instant (and easy to install) impact in your meeting rooms.
  • Contravision prints: Give meetings room the gift of both privacy and light.



The office kitchen doesn’t have to be an underwhelming place filled with dirty cups and stained worktops. You can give the area its own feel – whether you want to make it into a chic café or bright and welcoming lunch spot.

We used wall decals and acrylic plaques to produce a series of bespoke displays for the Raflatac office and canteen area, as part of a wider refurbishment project.

Kitchen revamp

Many of our products are specially designed for areas that might get damp or damaged. Consider splitting the areas up into food preparation zones and eating or drinking areas with cut wall vinyl or use posters to inform and educate your team about the kitchen rules.

Best products for office kitchen redecoration

  • Cut vinyl wall decals: Simple wording or cut to shape of forks, knives and spoons
  • Acrylic panels: Add imagery of your team, location or product with high quality photographs
  • Posters: Use small posters to keep the company updated on events or new office rules
  • Foamex panels: A great medium term display option that can help define the kitchen area and can be affordably updated every year

General office and workspaces UPS Wall

Let’s not forget the general spaces in offices like corridors and workspaces.

You can go big on imagery (like the one we created for UPM’s offices pictured) or branding in these often-forgotten areas with cut wall decals or acrylic panels.

But don’t forget the day-to-day signage and information.

Whether it’s health and safety posters, directional signage or just floor mats, it’s all important to providing a joined-up décor to your offices.

Best products for general office redecoration

  • Health and safety posters: Keep the team safe with up-to-date health and safety posters
  • Acrylic panels: Use high-quality photography to show their products in situ
  • Window vinyl/frosting: Great for adding privacy or keeping out the sun while adding some additional branding
  • Floor mats: Keep your office carpets clean during the wetter months while tying together your office redecoration design with logo floor mats


If you need help planning and pricing your office redecoration, please give us a call and we can help you create a budget.