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Correx Signs Printed in the UK

Correx board printing is a great way to help modernise and keep signage at the forefront of your organisation. Correx signs are incredibly practical. We recommend using Correx signs for temporary or medium-term displays and messaging.

Correx signs are constructed using sturdy corrugated plastic sheeting, which is both lightweight and strong and a great material to hang. Because the material used and relatively cheap, these signs are also incredibly economical, making them a great budget signage material.

Correx boards are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. At Adverset, Correx board printing is carried out using state of the art printers that produce full-colour definition. Our UV flat-bed printing process means that lamination is not required.

Details of Our Correx Sign Printing

Your custom signs can be printed on Correx board in either 4mm or 6mm thickness. If you’re unsure which thickness would match your intended application best, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The maximum size of Correx board we can print in one piece is 1220mm x 2440mm. We can produce signage larger than this, but it will be in multiple pieces and will require a join when fitting. This is standard when producing large signage.

Typical Uses of Printed Correx Signage

Correx signage is incredibly versatile and budget-friendly - ideal for signage that needs to go up quickly and make an impact. Common applications include:

  • Estate agent signage
  • POS displays
  • Event signage
  • Safety notices and warnings
  • Seasonal sales

correx signs available from Adverset Display

Correx Board Estate Agent Signage

These signs are perfect for ‘For Sale’ or ‘Sold’ signage. Advertise your agency, display relevant information about the property, contact details and get local attention - all without breaking the bank.

Our Correx boards are lightweight, weatherproof and durable, which makes them perfect for temporary on-street signage. Estate agent signs are printed double sided on 4mm Correx. The default size for ‘For Sale’ signs is 800mm x 600mm, but we can produce custom sizes or even cut to shape options on request.

See more details and examples here.

Correx Mini A-Boards

These Correx A-Boards are a great budget alternative to our more permanent poster a-boards or wooden a boards. They are great for events, seasonal promotions, or safety notices.

The size of the printed display will be 455mm (wide) x 610mm (high). Printed on 6mm Correx board, these signs are very sturdy while remaining lightweight and economical.

  • Easy for staff to move when opening and closing
  • Weather resistant and sturdy construction
  • Bright, eye-catching pigments
  • Budget friendly
  • Flat packed for easy storage

See more details and examples here.

Correx bollard covers

Cover up ugly bollards outside your business with Correx bollard covers. These are great for seasonal messages and short-term promotions. The printing method we use is a UV flat bed, making the bollard covers suitable for a range of weather conditions.

Our bollard covers are printed on durable 4mm Correx. We offer a range of heights (800mm, 1000mm, and 1200mm) to fit standard bollard sizes. The bollard covers come in either a triangular (three-sided) or square (four-sided) shape. These are fastened around the bollard or lamppost with an easy Velcro tab. Your covers will come flat-packed for easy storage between uses. If you require a different height or are unsure which shape is best, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

See more examples and get more details here.

All our Correx boards come in a range of sizes and can be ordered in bulk. If you would like to place a large order, get in touch for more specific details.

correx signage available from Adverset Display

Correx Signage Design

Do you already have a design that you would like to place on a some Correx advertising boards? If so, choose your product and follow the instructions on how to get the best possible results. 

However, if you are require a Correx board design to be created, get in touch with our highly experienced and creative design team. Printing on Correx can help your business to grab attention and our team can help you to create a sign that delivers maximum impact.

Correx Sign Delivery Options

To find out more details about the Correx sign delivery options we have on offer, consult the respective product page for more details. 

If you do have any special requests or would like something clearing up, get in touch with our friendly team.

Why Choose Adverset Display?

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