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Wall Coverings

Wall coverings are getting more and more accessible with our fantastic ranges of both customised wallpaper, and our wall and brickwork vinyl. 

Our sister site Pictowall can create a wallpaper mural to fit any size wall, simply enter your dimensions and choose from the library of over 15 million images and we will create the perfect custom size wallpaper mural, bespoke fit to your wall.

If you have your own image, you can upload it to pictowall's wallpaper previewing system and we will create a unique wallpaper from your image! it's that simple.

If you are looking to cover a rough wall, such as a brick wall, or a breezeblock wall - our wall and brickwork vinyl is the choice for this application. Our wall and brickwork vinyl is applied with heat, and sucks itself into any discrepancies in the wall surface, leaving you a fantastic wipeable finish to your otherwise rough wall.

 Find Out More About Our Printed Wallpaper

Do you like the idea of some custom vinyl prints for walls that you have can have personalised to your exact taste - however are looking for a bit more detail to what custom wallpaper involves or want some finer details on how wallpaper printing Uk Delivery will work? 

Then please don't hesitate to get in touch - we'll be more than happy to help.