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Hotel signage

When it comes to planning the interior décor for your hotel, B&B or hospitality venue, it’s important not to forget signage.

Not only do consistent and high-quality hotel signs make your accommodation look professional and luxurious, they also help guests navigate their way, strengthen your brand identity, and can provide compliance for essential health and safety regulations.

Whether it's a wallcovering that creates a lasting first impression or acrylic signage outside that helps guests find their way, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Types of hotel signage

1. Welcome signs

Welcoming guests with a well-designed entrance sign sets the tone for their entire stay, creating a positive first impression.

Bespoke wall coverings are a great choice for this type of signage, as they take up no extra space and can serve both functional and decorative purposes.

As an example: in September 2023, Adverset Display worked with the new Peak District branch of Bike & Boot – a chain of boutique bed and breakfast hotels in the North.

The owners had worked with award-winning interior designer Rachel McLane to create a distinct and deluxe décor style that represented their strong brand identity: comfortable accommodation for adventurers, dog lovers and nature explorers.

We created three showstopping wallcoverings for the entrance area, using maps of the local area to highlight nearby attractions and points of interest.

2. Directional hotel signs

Directional hotel signs

From pointing out essential amenities to guiding guests through the labyrinth of corridors, effective directional signs prevent confusion and enhance the overall guest experience.

Strong design choices can make these signs beautiful as well as functional. Opt for materials and designs that align with your brand identity, and incorporate branding elements to ensure a cohesive look throughout your space.

For Bike & Boot, we designed and produced a full range of interior signage to provide clear directions to toilets, bicycle storage, and more. We used a black foamex material, which is hard but light, and then laminated the signs in a matte red to match the building’s interior décor.

3. Informational signage

Informational signage

Hotels often have various facilities and services to offer. Informational signage, whether about the available amenities, restaurant hours or event schedules, keeps guests informed and engaged. This type of signage enhances the overall guest experience by providing relevant and timely information.

Along with our full range of wall display signs, Adverset can also design and produce printed information leaflets and flyers to place on the reception desk and in bedrooms.

4. Health and safety signs

CCTV signage

Ensuring the safety of guests is crucial for hotels and hospitality venues. This includes health and safety notices, emergency exit signs, but also signage that ensures compliance with building regulations.

For venues with extensive glass surfaces, frosted window decals can be a versatile solution that also offer privacy, natural light and an opportunity for more branding displays.

Bike & Boot has a high percentage of floor-to-ceiling windows, especially in their beautiful Barecca restaurant, so it was important for us to create something that complied with building regulations but was also aesthetically-pleasing. Decorative frosted decals were the perfect option for them.

5. Outdoor signage

Outdoor signage

General signs for outdoor spaces are an important extension of your brand identity. Whether they’re welcoming guests at the door, giving directions to the car park, or indicating a designated smoking area, your exterior signage should reflect your hotel’s branding to create a cohesive experience.

We created a selection of exterior signage for Bike & Boot using Di-bond material (an aluminium composite) topped with a matt laminate. The colours and design matched the interior signs and we used screw caps to conceal the fixings, for a neat finish.

Key considerations for your hotel signage

  • Consistent branding: Ensure all signage aligns with the the business’s branding, including color schemes, fonts, and logo usage. Consistency helps create a memorable visual identity.


  • Clear visibility and readability: Your hotel signs should be clear and easy to read. Choose font styles, sizes and colours that are easy to read, and ensure that interior signage is well-lit, especially in areas with low natural light.


  • Strategic placement: Strategically place signage in areas where guests naturally look for information, such as near entrances, lifts and key intersections. Consider the flow of guest traffic and place signs accordingly.


  • Material selection: Choose durable materials that can withstand the specific environmental conditions of your venue. Outdoor signage should be weather-resistant, and indoor signage should be able to endure high-traffic areas.


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At Adverset Display, we create signage for hotels, B&Bs, hospitality venues and more. We specialise in tailoring our signage solutions to your brand’s unique personality and operational requirements, providing your business with easily identifiable signs that are sure to wow your guests.

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