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About Our Pop Stands

Simple and fast to set up, our pop up stands are incredibly lightweight yet resistant. They feature an easy prop up system that provides you with a fantastic exhibition backdrop within literally seconds of arriving at an event. Easily swap any graphic panels, so you can adapt to rebrands and promoting certain offers - without needing to incur further costs.

The pop up displays are incredibly compact and are integrated with a well positioned sleek aluminium framework along with slim line magnetic boards. For easy and secure storage, these are packed in a rigid wheeled case along with the full panels and fabric drops. 

Designing your pop up stand

Do you have a design already in place? Simply follow the pop up stand design specifications with the respective product page for clear details. 

If you don’t have a design ready - our team would love to help! At Adverset Display we have a team of graphic designers and artists that can really help your pop up stand and your brand to stand out. Get in touch with our team of designers today and create your ideal pop up banner.

Delivery Options

Looking to find out more about the pop up display stands we have to offer or more clarification on the pop up stands UK delivery service? Then please get in touch with us through the contact form (that you will find in the top right nav bar).