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Perspex Signs Provide Durability and Class

Are you in need of a sleek and professional looking sign for your business? Acrylic signage (also commonly referred to as perspex signage) offers you a durable solution for both indoor and outdoor applications.

One of the main advantages of printing on acrylic is that it is built for endurance. Perspex signs fixed to outside walls will stand up against the elements and last the test of time. This makes our outdoor signs great for outdoor marketing.

Plus, with their attractive finish, acrylic signs are also highly effective at emphasising key messages indoors too. That’s why all manner of businesses across the UK fit perspex signage in and around their property. A perspex business plaque can be designed to give your business premises a more premium, modern and luxurious feel.

Acrylic Signs Customised To Your Liking

As well as printing your key messages and imagery onto your personalised sign, we offer a range of other options for our custom perspex signs. Custom acrylic signs are designed to further enhance the look of your signage.

Flame polished edges

All of our panels feature flame polished edges to enhance the look and feel of your sign. They provide a beautiful smooth finish around the depth of the acrylic, to make it look stunning from all angles.

Rounded corners

Our team can expertly round off the sharp corners of the perspex to create an acrylic business sign with four round corners. This provides an alternative look that is also very easy on the eye.

Clear or printed borders

We often print right to the edge of the panel. However some clients prefer their signs to have a clear border left around the edge, which is usually 25mm. This works particularly well if the image would otherwise be disturbed by the classy stand offs. A border leaves ‘breathing space’ around the main image.

Acrylic Signs For Internal Use

Acrylic wall signs add a touch of class to the interior of your business premises with their sleek and attractive finish. Common applications for perspex signs on internal walls include:

  • Wayfinding signs
  • Door signs
  • Menus
  • Staff notices

Some businesses meanwhile use our Acrylic Wall Art solution to motivate and inspire staff and visitors. These stylish panels can be printed with vibrant photography to enhance the appearance of meeting rooms and reception areas. They bring a relaxed and tranquil feeling to the workplace.

Perspex Signage For Outdoor Use

Perspex signs are highly weatherproof and are therefore ideal for placing on external walls. Typical uses include:

  • Entrance wall plaques
  • External wayfinding signs
  • Area maps, such as those used outside shopping centres

The Acrylic Logo Signs we produce can show off your business logo to visitors and passers-by with a vibrant and crisp print. They can be made to measure to any size, which makes them a great bespoke solution that will fit on any external location.

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Acrylic signs FAQs?

How are clear acrylic signs printed?

Your printed graphics are cut and mounted onto the reverse of the acrylic. This protects the print from being scratched by possible contact on the front of the panel.

How can custom perspex signage be fitted to walls?

Our signage team will drill small holes into each corner of your sign and provide you with four satin stand offs. These are designed to fix the panel to walls, whilst protecting the print from any jagged edges. Fitting can be carried out by any competent handyperson.

What is the typical lifespan of a perspex sign?

Perspex signage typically lasts a minimum of 5 years when used internally. For exterior usage, you can expect signs to last a minimum of 3 years.

What thickness should I request for my custom perspex signage?

The larger the sign, the thicker the acrylic panel should be. This is to avoid the panel flexing under the weight. A 3mm thickness is suitable for the majority of small and medium sized signs. However, for our largest size sign (2400 x 1200mm) we would recommend a minimum thickness of 5mm

What is the best way to clean an acrylic sign?

Acrylic signage is very easy to clean. Simply use polish and a lint free cloth to get your sign looking as good as new.