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Curve Display Stands

The Curve Display Stand is a flexible display solution at a value for money price

Adverset Display is an authorised distributor of the The Curve Display stand system by Eve Products. Winner of 'Best Buyer's Choice' at the ExhibitorLive Show in 2015, the Curve Display stand system has been designed as an alternative, flexible display solution to help bridge the gap between our pop-up stand product and the top of the range Twist Stand system. The Curve exhibition stand system has the same benefit as the Twist Stand system in that it is modular, allowing the creation of any stand shape/configuration using a combination of straight sections and curves. Please scroll down page for further details...

Award Winning Curve Pop Up Display Stand

The Curve system boasts being one of the most versatile, cost effective and flexible display stands on the market. The Curve display system offers a modular resource that provides the user with unlimited possibilities to best showcase products and services.

No compromise on quality, no compromise on design. This is the perfect choice if your requirements are for a light, flexible, affordable display system which is very simple to assemble.

The endless flexibility of the curve system enables growth and evolution of display space to meet differing campaign requirements simply by using the available components in creative and innovative ways, limited only by your imagination.  

Easy to transport, easy to assemble - Just easy

The Standard 3-panel Curve Display Stand is supplied in its own compact bag for ease of transportation, making it ideal for quick and easy display solutions. The stand is available in black, white or can be customised with your bespoke graphics design.

The system is very easy for single user transportation and assembly due to being such a lightweight and space efficient design. The Curve pop up display stand also boasts a built in levelling system so you can not only be sure of a safe and stable display on all surfaces but also that your graphics line up seamlessly on all panels.

Each panel’s graphics measure 850mm wide by 2050mm high with the overall height of the assembled unit adding on a mere 100 mm. By using just the standard 3 panel Curve exhibition display stand you can be sure of creating a striking display for your business, however, once you start experimenting and expanding your system with the additional accessories your configuration options become infinite.

Curve Easi-Link & Curve Flexi-Link - Unlimited Display Stand Options

The addition of Easy Link components to your system means you can effortlessly join together unlimited Curve 3 Panel kits. To further extend your Curve display system capabilities simply add aFlexi Link component to create a convex, concave or ‘S’ shape from a standard Curve panel. The use of the optional Flexi Curve component reduces the width of the panel to 425 mm with no loss of graphic clarity, this also drastically reduces the amount of space needed to create a striking display area. There is no limit to the amount of Easy Links and Flexi Links you can use to implement your desired display configuration and extend the variety of display shapes to be realised.

Curve LED Light

The visual impact of your Curve exhibition stand configuration can be further enhanced with the addition of a telescopic low heat LED light which can be fitted to the front or rear of the Standard 3 panel Curve display stand. To ensure peace of mind the light fitting conforms to global health and safety standards.  

Curve Display Stand Key Info

Height: 2060mm.
Graphic widths: Straight - 850mm / Curved - 425mm.

Standard 3-panel Curve Display Stand weighs just 12 kilos

Curve Pop Up Banner Stand can be transported in just one compact bag

Built in levelling system means stability on uneven floors

Optional LED lights.

Curve Display Stand Demo

Curve Pop Up Banner Stand Video Transcription

Introducing Curve

The standard three panel Curve banner stand is packed into one padded hardware bag that weighs just 14 kilos including graphics. Remove a standard double sided Curve base from its protective front pocket and place onto the floor.

Curve bases have instructions attached to them and are available in either black, white or have an option for vinyl graphics to be applied. Unzip the top section of the bag and take out the hardware aluminium uprights and graphics.

Place the bottom upright, and using the location point, turn clockwise into the curve banner base. Then simply slide the middle section into the bottom upright, taking the transformer cables, push these into either side of the top upright, and then the attach the Curve LED telescopic light.

Please note that the standard curve banner stand can have lights either to the front or to the rear. Then add the final upright. Taking the graphic, attach the pattern to top rail and hook on to the hardware top cap. Then using a side and lock motion, move the bottom rail of the graphic onto the base creating tension.

Connecting Curve Banners

To attach two curve stands together, simply place a locking pin into one side of the graphic hanger, and push the two stands together. Then using a three piece easy link kit, magnetize the two stands securely together.

Adding a Flexi link

To add several curve banner stands together, simply use a Flexi graphic in between two stands. Connect the top Flexi hanger to the curve stands on either side using the hanging rails. Then magnetically lock all the panels together using easy link kits. This now gives you a complete three panel curve kit.


Once completed a three panel kit is strong enough to allow for incredible flexibility. Any number of curves exhibition stands can be linked together to create larger Curve exhibition display stand configurations. However if space is a consideration the curve has both strength and flexibility to create unique configurations even in the smallest of areas. These could include convex, concave the more unusual S-bends or even 90 degrees and beyond.

Aligning Graphics

In the event of an uneven floor, you may have an instance where graphics do not sit or aligned correctly. This is easily rectified because all curve stands have self-leveling. Just take any slack in the graphic, pull thought and carry upwards until the graphic sits and is aligned correctly.