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  • Flexi 3x3 curved Pop-up Stand, 2225mm(h) x 2540(w) x 685(d),
    complete with durable set of display graphics, ready to hang
  • Wheeled Carry Case which converts into Counter*
  • Wooden Counter Top
  • 2 x PS1000 Flood Lights
  • 2 x Sprint Roll-up Banners (2000mm x 800mm),
    printed on anti-curl 165mic material
  • Choose from iPad Holder in white, black or silver
    or iPad Table Top in White or Beech

    *Optional counter graphic available.

This fantastic 'Exhibition Survival Bundle' Deal at £622.00 includes everything you need in one handy package to create a fully professional Exhibition Stand and comes with a choice of an iPad Holder or iPad table top as an alternative to a leaflet holder. Make big savings with this proven, easy-to-assemble product bundle which is 'ready to go'.

 Order a sample swatch of our pop-up or roll-up banner material.

 Pop-Up Display StandsPOP-UP STAND
Erecting your pop-up stand is very straightforward. Here are a few easy steps:

1. Take out the main frame and pull up until it clicks into place (similar action to a clothes horse).
2. Take out the bag of magnetic strip bars and slot into the sections of the frame. They will click into place with ease.
3. Make sure you have an area of floor to work in. Locate the relevant graphic, which will be a corner piece. This will already attached to a hanger and will be fitted with magnetic strips on the reverse. Hang from the two slots located at the top of the corner section and let the graphic bend naturally. The magnets on the reverse of the graphic should snap into position. Repeat this for the centre panels which will be straight and then finish with the other corner piece.
4. Adjust the graphics if required by moving slightly on the hangers. There should be a small amount of adjustment available.
5. Attach the lights (see file on this under our download tab).
6. Fit the wooden counter top onto the carry case to convert into a counter. Attach the graphic around the counter (if applicable), secure at the back with the double sided velcro which will already be fitted.

You're ready to go!

Reverse the procedure to dismantle, taking care to roll the graphics up carefully - always roll with magnets on the inside, image to the outside.


  • Take out the stand from the zip carry bag. Remove the pole elements from the slot in the base. The pole sections are spring loaded. Assemble into one piece by pulling and inserting each piece into the other.
  • Turn the single foot piece on the bottom of the base at right angles to the base to form the foot.
  • Insert one end of the pole (either end) into the round slot at one side of the top of the base.
  • Position yourself behind the stand. Start pulling up the graphic, which will be just visible sticking out of the top of the base. Holding the pole, tilt the unit gently backwards until you can reach the top of the pole with the top of the graphic. Carefully insert the round plastic grommet into the top of the pole. DO NOT LET GO OF THE GRAPHIC.
  • Your banner stand is ready for use.

Taking down your stand:

  • Position yourself behind the stand. Holding the pole, tilt the stand backwards gently and pull up the grommet and strip at the top of the pole to release.
  • Let the graphic down very slowly into the base taking care not to let go.
  • Unassemble the poles by pulling out and bending into three.
  • Insert poles back into base.
  • Pack unit into zip carry case.

The literature holder literally pulls up and snaps into place, using a Z-fold system. Reverse the procedure to take down.

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