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Attraction Signage

 Tourist attraction signs play a crucial role in providing information to visitors, while also helping create a consistent, professional and welcoming atmosphere.

At Adverset Display, we provide custom display signage for a variety of tourist attractions that’s designed to enhance visitor engagement and improve staff safety. We can create a variety of signage types to suit your budget and attraction type.

Some of the tourist attractions we serve include:

  • Theme park signs
  • Museum signs
  • Zoo signs
  • Visitor attraction signage
  • Castle and abbey signs
  • Wildlife park signs
  • Adventure park signs
  • Water park signs
  • Stately homes
  • …and more


Welcome Signage

Entrance signs are the first impression for visitors to your attraction – so you want them to be eye-catching.

Weatherproof display stands and printed flags are a great option for advertising the entrance to zoos, theme parks and other outdoor attractions.

Custom bollard covers can also add a touch of character to your attraction entrance.

For indoor experiences like museums, galleries and other visitor attractions: printed wall coverings, vinyl window stickers and logo mats can all provide a warm welcome.

Barrier signage will help control entry queues, while life-size cardboard cut-outs and standee posters can keep people entertained while they wait.

Wayfinding Signage

Wayfinding signs typically include the names and directions to key attractions, facilities, and services. You could also include estimated walking times or distances, so that your visitors can easily find their way around the park.

Our printed aluminium composite signs (also known as Dibond signs) are weatherproof, making them a fantastic choice for both indoor and outdoor directional signage. Alternatively, Foamex signs can be used for short-term displays.

Floor stickers in museums and other indoor attractions can be used to point people in the right direction, while custom maps are another excellent way to help visitors navigate their way. Install large map posters throughout your attraction and provide printed leaflets or brochures at entrances and key information stations.

Information and Communication Signage

Information signage is crucial for any tourist attraction – from zoos and adventure parks to castles, galleries and museums.

These signs help improve the overall guest experience by providing key information about attractions and signposting important services like toilets, first aid stations and more.

Aluminium composite signs are an excellent option for outdoor information signage, as they’re lightweight but very durable. Expertly printed with fade-resistant inks for a weatherproof finish, your signs will stay vibrant even in the worst winter storms.

Inside, acrylic glass signs are an elegant choice for displaying information in museums and stately homes.

Use wooden pavement boards at on-site restaurants and cafes to advertise special offers or menu details. Custom café barriers will mark out seating areas or help control queues across your venue, and don’t forget to order printed menus to match your branding!

Flag banners and Correx A boards can help advertise near gift shops, highlighting featured products, special offers, and inviting visitors to shop merchandise.

Health and Safety Signs

It’s important to invest in clear and prominent health and safety signs for your tourist attraction.

Our personalised safety signs not only include all the necessary information for keeping your guests safe but also integrate your brand identity and messaging to create signage that stands out and is easy for everyone to understand.

Permanent health and safety signs can be printed on Dibond, while Foamex or Correx offer good alternative options for more temporary signs.

Custom safety signage for tourist attractions might include:

  • Emergency exit signage
  • Fire safety signs
  • Disability access signage
  • Hazard warnings
  • Hygiene practices

Speak to us if you’re unsure what type of signage would best suit your needs.

Weatherproof Outdoor Signs

Theme parks, zoos and other outdoor attractions require advertising signage that is specifically made to withstand bad weather. At Adverset Display, we use art format digital presses to ensure our outdoor banners are vibrant and long-lasting.

Vinyl banners are incredibly durable, making them perfect for outdoor promotional signs. They can be hung over archways and entrances, attached to solid fences, or displayed along external walls.

Mesh banners are designed to withstand heavy wind and rain. Mesh is lighter than vinyl and lets the wind through the surface, decreasing the chance of the banner being torn off during high winds. They’re ideal for attaching to wire fences.

If you don’t have the space to hang a banner, our outdoor freestanding display banners are supplied with a light but durable aluminium frame, making them easy to set up and transport.

For more permanent displays, brickwork vinyl can be attached to both external and internal walls. We use a heat gun to mould the design to the brick surface, so the image looks painted on. Perfect for advertising your logo or branded image!

Flyers, Leaflets and Brochures

Adverset Display can supply all the necessary printed paper materials for your tourist attraction. From brochures and leaflets to stickers and business cards, these products will allow visitors to carry the information as they explore. Or even take them home!

Beautifully designed brochures can include information on exhibits, official photos, event schedules and a detailed history of your attraction. They make wonderful souvenirs and can also be used to display adverts from sponsors.

Printed menus and tray liners can be designed to match your branding, giving your on-site café or restaurant a consistent and professional finishing touch.

Leaflets and flyers are a great way to advertise promotional offers, temporary exhibits or special events. And if your attraction is child-friendly, printed stickers are always a favourite!

By ordering all your printed materials and tourist attraction signage from Adverset Display, you can ensure all your branding is consistent across all media displays. You’ll also be able to save on design costs, as the same templated design can be used across banners, flyers, posters, and more.

Design and print tourist attraction signs

Our expert team of in-house designers can help create unique and high-quality designs that are perfect for your attraction. Whether you need museum exhibition signage, zoo information signs, or theme park safety signs – we’ll work with you to develop a display design that matches your branding and purpose.

If you’re supplying your own artwork: simply choose your product and follow the instructions on the page to get the correct size and format. This will ensure you get the best possible results for your banner, sign, flag or flyer.

Have any questions? Our customer service team are just a phone call away.

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