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UPM Raflatac Displays

Personalised wallpapers and signage for UPM Raflatac Scarborough


Following a previous successful personalised office wallpaper project in 2018, we were called back to look at producing a series of bespoke displays for the Raflatac office and canteen area, as part of a refurb. project.


Canteen branding & signage

  • The customer was interested in branding the food outlet area of this space and as a first step, adverset were asked to come up with a potential brand name.
  • After running several ideas past the Raflatac management team, which included a staff survey, the name RAFLACAFE was selected.
  • The adverset design team went about creating the logo, which incorporated the Raflatac ‘gryphon’ symbol, with a subtle play on knife & fork imagery. It was suggested and agreed that a raised off plaque was produced to carry the brand.
  • The background serving bay wall imagery was developed using a food themed ‘decal’, leaving a space for the centralised logo plaque.
  • The decal design was approved, printed, CAD cut and fitted to the wall space. The food & drink dispenser area of the room was also fitted with a vinyl decal reflecting this design.
  • The 3 metre raised-off acrylic plaque, printed with the new RAFLACAFE logo was produced and given centre stage over the top of the wall opening.


Printing & materials used

Wall decals: Latex printing technology, printed onto WW300 solvent adhesive wall vinyl, with matt laminate. Acrylic plaque: Latex printing, mounted onto 6mm acrylic with rounded corners and brushed chrome raisers.



Creating a ‘fun’ logo which was also ‘corporate’ and relating to the main brand was an interesting hurdle to overcome. The decals needed to be fit to an uneven, slightly patterned surface – the type of adhesive vinyl used, need to be chosen carefully.


Canteen personalised wallpaper

  • In order to complement the signage, we were asked to come up with a themed wallpaper design for the main canteen wall - in the cafeteria eating area. The brief was for this to be a recognised local vista, with vibrant colours and impact, in order to brighten up the room.
  • The image chosen was a view of Scarborough Castle with coloured beach huts very prominent in the foreground.
  • The wallcovering was produced and fitted on site. Covering a large section of the rear canteen wall, the wallpaper certainly brightens up the space!


Printing & materials used

High texture wallcovering, printed with latex technology.



Choosing a sufficiently vibrant colour image with local and foreground interest.


Locker rooms

  • The customer requested a ‘sporty/health & fitness’ style design to bring the locker rooms to life.
  • A ‘sports active’ montage style design was produced and approved. The suggestion was to run the design as a frieze across the top of the locker units, in order to create movement and interest.
  • The approved design was also developed onto a pair of 1 metre square raised off foamex wall panels, to be sited on the locker room walls.
  • Once all the designs were approved, a vinyl frieze was produced and fitted above the lockers and the foamex panels were fitted to the walls.


Printing & materials used

Frieze montage: WW300 Wall vinyl, with matt laminate. Foamex panels: 10mm foamex panels, matt laminated. Fitted off the wall with chrome raisers.



Fitting the frieze above the lockers was difficult to process, with an uneven suspended ceiling to overcome. A freshener unit was temporarily removed to facilitate the fitting.


Acrylic panel displays

  • The adverset design team were asked to develop a series of large, dramatic, photographic style acrylic panel displays - based on local coastal and country themes.
  • The size of the displays ranged from 1.5 metres wide to 3 metres wide.
  • A set of 3 acrylic display designs were chosen for the boardroom main wall.
  • The remaining 7 of the acrylic panels were designed, produced and fitted around the reception area and in various office spaces.
  • All acrylics were raised off the wall with chrome studs.


Printing & materials used

6mm acrylic panels, cut with polished edges and rounded corners. Panels printed in reverse using latex technology and ‘wet’ mounted with solvent adhesive vinyl.



The main difficulty was to source quality local imagery with sufficient resolution to print at a large size. A shortage of acrylic material due to the Covid crisis, also presented a challenge.