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Why display a social distancing poster in your workplace?

In the continued fight against the COVID-19 virus, it is vital that people remain distanced in public places. It’s very important that they take all the precautions they can to keep themselves and each other safe.

By displaying key safety messages at your workplace, you will encourage those around you to think how they can lower transmission of the virus.

Our COVID-19 posters are designed to encourage both staff and visitors to take all necessary steps to remain as safe as possible within your premises.

Where should social distancing posters be displayed?

We have supplied our range of posters to businesses operating in a wide range of industries. The most common type of safety posters we produce are:

  • COVID posters for workplaces, including large offices and other shared spaces.
  • COVID posters for pubs, restaurants and takeaways.
  • COVID posters for shops and retail centres.
  • COVID posters for schools and nurseries.

What types of COVID-19 posters do we stock?

We produce posters to reinforce the key safety messages being promoted in all public places around the UK. These include:

  • 2 Metre Distance – Highlights social distancing rules.
  • Stop The Spread – Features 6 key steps to lowering transmission of the virus.
  • One Person Only – Ideal for displaying on the door of smaller rooms in your premises.
  • Please Wear A Mask – Display at entrances to buildings to reinforce mask legislation.
  • Protect Yourself, Family & Friends – A reminder of the key hygiene precautions to take.

Why choose Adverset Display’s range of social distance posters?

Adverset Display have been trusted by all manner of businesses to help promote key COVID safety messages at their premises. Our customers choose us because:

  • Our low cost, high quality posters are produced with high resolution latex printing.
  • We can offer three different sizes of poster to cater for individual requirements.
  • We offer multi-packs of posters, which can be displayed across a premises.
  • Key messages can be printed in four different colour variations and we can even cater to specific colour requirements, such as brand colours.
  • Our team provide a quick 5-7 working day turnaround on your order, as standard.