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Vinyl & Mesh Banner tips

To get noticed and make the best out of your vinyl or mesh banner promotion, here are a few handy tips:

Design and 'content' of your banner

  • Make your message short, bold and concise. Remember that all banners are designed to view from distance. Unlike a poster, your audience will not stop to look at a banner - they will be on the move. Detailed information will therefore not get noticed. A banner should not contain more than three vital points: 1. Brief title of what you are promoting. 2. Company name. 3. Contact details/website address.
  • Use vibrant and/or contrasting colours. White type out of a dark coloured background gives maximum impact. Alternatively dark coloured lettering on a light colour or white will give you the contrast you need.
  • Use pictorial information wisely. A picture with vibrant dark colours will work well as an overall background, but smaller 'squared-up' photographic images will go unnoticed due to the distance.
  • If in doubt call and talk to our design team, or let us design the banner for you. REMEMBER THAT THE IMPACT OF YOUR PROMOTION WILL ONLY BE AS EFFECTIVE AS HOW THE BANNER LOOKS.

Which banner material?

  • Use vinyl banner material for promotions which are nearer to ground level. Mesh should be used for high and windy positions, such as on the side of buildings where the banner is fitted out of reach. Mesh is lighter, being made up of a small mesh pattern and lets the wind through the surface. This decreases the chance of the banner being torn off during high winds.
  • Take into account that vinyl banner material will give you a slightly more vibrant printed result than mesh, due to the image being 'unbroken'.

Positioning your banner

  • Choose a siting for your banner which has maximum exposure to the public/your audience, taking into account obstructions angles from both footfall and vehicle potential viewing.
  • Choose a site that is easy to maintain and accessible, preferably sheltered from the elements. Whilst our banners are of a high quality and designed to withstand most weather conditions, there is no legislation for stormy or full scale gale conditions. Remember we are in Britain!
  • Whilst banners are suitable for all year round 24 hour promotion, peak times are Spring and Summertime. Longer days + finer weather = bigger audience.
  • Remember that in a vehicle, a banner only has an approximate 5 second 'window' for viewing. A driver will not divert his/her attention for any longer than this.

Installing & Hanging your banner

  • Preferably use tie wraps or rope to secure your banner. Tie wraps are supplied free with every banner order. If securing to a wall, you will need to drill and plug the wall and then screw to the wall using the eyelet holes. Use a screw which is a similar size to the eyelet hole so that it fits snugly and doesn't let the weather in.
  • In all cases, PULL TAUGHT IN ALL DIRECTIONS to achieve a nice flat banner. This will also help to buffer the wind and protect the banner surface. Remember that ruffled banners look unsightly and unprofessional and will be less effective for promotion and against the weather.
  • If positioning on a fence, ensure that the banner is clear of the ground surface by at least one inch. This will prevent the banner scuffing and wearing on the bottom side hem.
  • Avoid any siting which will bring the banner into contact with sharp objects such as BARBED WIRE AND NAILS. The banner will rub against such objects and this will cause damage very quickly.

Looking after and storing your banner

  • When your banner is not in use, always store by ROLLING UP, do not fold as this might crack the print and even the material if left for long periods. Always lay the banner flat and let both sides dry off before rolling up and storing. This will prolong the life of the banner.